How to

Let's get started with your UNITN season ticket!

Connect UNITN season ticket in OpenMove

Please click on the link you received via email to connect "UNITN FREE CIRCULATION" inside OpenMove app.

You will reach a web page where:

  • if you already have an OpenMove account, please select "I HAVE AN OPENMOVE ACCOUNT" and sign in with your credentials in the next page;
  • if you do not have an OpenMove account, please select "I DON'T HAVE AN OPENMOVE ACCOUNT", complete and submit the registration form in the following page.

Season ticket connected!

After login or signup, you will be logged in OpenMove webapp in section "CARDS" of "Profile" tab and you will find UNITN season ticket connected to your OpenMove account:

  • if the season ticket is not valid yet, the indication "Valid from ..." will appear, meaning that the ticket can not be used until the validity period starts;
  • if the season ticket is valid, the green string "Valid" will appear, meaning that the ticket can already be used to travel until the expiration date.

Validate your ticket

You can find the UNITN season ticket in the section "My tickets" of the OpenMove app. The ticket appears ONLY starting from the first day of validity of the ticket itself.

On the left part of the ticket, the official picture of user is embedded. On the right part, the "Validate" green button allows you to validate the season ticket every time you get on a bus or a train. Different methods of validation are available:

  • QR Code validation: frame with your smartphone camera the OpenMove QR Code sticker;
  • NFC validation: bring your NFC-compatible device close to the OpenMove NFC tag;
  • Code validation: type the alphanumeric code indicated on the OpenMove sticker.

For validation at border railway stations, validate by code (TT3000 for Borghetto; TT3001 for Primolano).

Please remind that Internet connection is needed in order to validate a ticket.

Season ticket details

By clicking on the ticket you can access the detail page of the ticket itself. More info are available inside this page: the QR Code can be enlarged by clicking on it and must be shown to the tickets collectors to digitally prove the ticket validity. Other information are reported in the bottom, including validation logs.

Home page shortcut

In order to ensure a better user experience, a shortcut of the season ticket is available in the home page, right after you open the app. You are ready to validate your ticket every time you get on a bus or a train!

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