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First step

Sign up

Sign up easily with your email

Link - just once - your credit card

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Second step

Buy the ticket

In the Search page you can find available tickets based on your position. You can manually change city by using the Change button

To view the tickets, just press the circle button showing the service, e.g. the Train circle button to look for railway tickets

If the ticket you are looking for is not shown among the recommended tickets, you can browse for it by inserting origin and destination

Third step

Validate and travel

In the My tickets page, you may find purchased, in use and expired tickets. For more information, just tap the ticket to flip it

Purchased tickets need to be validated to travel: bear in mind that every transport agency has its own rules. Every method of validation is quick and easy:

  • QR validation frame with your smartphone camera the QR Code sticker placed inside the vehicle or at the bus stop

  • NFC validation bring your NFC-compatible device close to the NFC tag placed inside the vehicle or at the bus stop

  • Code validation type the alphanumeric code indicated on the vehicle or at the bus stop

  • Manual validation just press the button

Now your ticket is ready: have a good trip with OpenMove!

More information

Instructions by our partners

Partner transport agencies may give further information related to purchase and validation, reported in the section Active Cities and Services.

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