OpenMove WAY

APP for users

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The mobile app for users allows to autonomously buy tickets; this result in lower pressure at the ticket machines and offices, providing everyone with the advantages of a complementary digital sales channel. Digital users will be able to find and buy tickets directly from their smartphone, whenever and wherever they need.

Keep up with the times

New technologies: undergo or take advantage of them? The ticket is already inside of users’ pockets, without distribution or management costs. Smart ticketing for smart agencies.

No more waiting in line

Users have a ticket machine in their pockets: this allows to avoid wasted time in line, to decrease the pressure at the ticket office and to lower the waiting time for everyone.

For citizens and tourists

Trip information is available in many languages to provide both residents and tourists with an immediate user experience, without any language or currency issues.

New sales channel

The smartphone is an added sales channel to attract new digital users and ease payments, thus allowing for income growth.

Focus on the ticket

The app is extremely easy-to-use, since the user experience focus on the ticket and its dynamics: search, purchase and validation.

Trip planner

The built-in trip planner recommends you the best travel solutions by suggesting the right ticket for every situation.

Family trip

You can purchase single tickets or group tickets, in order to travel comfortably with the whole family.

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