What is OpenMove

OpenMove is a software ecosystem for ticketing both suitable for transportation and parking. OpenMove is composed by three products mutually interconnected: an app for operators, and app for users and a web admin platform for transport or parking agencies. This end-to-end solution works as-a-Service and does not require setup costs, dedicated hardware or any specific technical competences.

The OpenMove platform now processes 1.8M€ per month, handles 200.000 different fares and has 70.000 operating hours per month.

APP for operators

The app for operators is the ideal tool to sell and inspect tickets via smartphone. The personnel of a transport or parking agency can seamlessly work on the field thanks to an Android device paired with a Bluetooth printer.

OpenMove app for operators allows to:
- print tickets thanks to a portable Bluetooth printer
- inspect and validate tickets with the smartphone camera

APP for users

The mobile app for users allows to autonomously buy tickets; this result in lower pressure at the ticket machines and offices, providing everyone with the advantages of a complementary digital sales channel. Digital users will be able to find and buy tickets directly from their smartphone, whenever and wherever they need.

ADMIN dashboard for transport companies

The admin dashboard for transport agencies allows easily to:
- create and publish tickets to be sold via the apps for users and operators
- manage the personnel provided with the app for operators
- monitor sales in real-time, also thanks to stats, charts and heatmaps
- exchange data with already existing 3rd party information systems
- optimize ticketing service, causing a consequent income growth


The engine is the core of OpenMove ecosystem, that orchestrates operations and data handled by the three frontend interfaces, guaranteeing enterprise-level reliability and security.


An entire ecosystem for digital ticketing under your control, in real-time


Intuitive user experience, thanks to a state-of-the-art design


Robust security and anti-counterfeiting techniques to prevent frauds


A continuously improving ecosystem, suited also to integrate custom solutions


Go-to-market in literally few minutes, with no upfront expensive investments and no dedicated devices


Born to handle huge volumes of tickets under every operating conditions, even offline