Why choose OpenMove

Mobile ticketing as a service

Mobile ticketing solution

OpenMove is an awards-winning mobile ticketing solution designed and coded by domain specialists. Our software guarantees reliability yet an amazing user experience, making it perfect both for public and private transport agencies.


The brand-new dashboard allows for self-service management of ticketing with no effort and no IT capabilities required, thanks to immediate and easy-to-use tools. While competitors talk about months, we measure time-to-market in minutes. OpenMove allows for customisation and deployment in record times, taking away technological and managing effort.

All means of transport

OpenMove features any form of transportation and parking, allowing for deep customisation and several ticketing and validation policies. Multimodality is pivotal in the actual scenario of smart mobility. By adopting OpenMove, transport agencies will deal with just one supplier and passengers will have just one mobile app for all their needs.


It took years to build a rock-solid yet modular architecture, but it’s not a price you need to pay. OpenMove has no setup costs e requires no hardware at all. OpenMove literally breaks entry barriers, not affecting your budget whatsoever, thanks to plain price policy and no infrastructure costs. This results ideal both for permanent and temporary transport services.


OpenMove is an end-to-end mobile ticketing solution, made by app, webapp (embeddable also as a frame for e-commerce), dashboard and tools for ticket inspection. We provide with top-of-the-class service, taking care of operational, technological and financial aspects, with no overhead of any kind for our clients.

The best way to sense the potential of our mobile ticketing solution is to simply try it.

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