Mobile ticketing

What benefits can I have?


OpenMove is a mobile ticketing solution that provides transport agencies with a smart way to collect fares, with several advantages both for the provider of the transport service itself and citizens and tourists that travel.

New sales channel

Mobile ticketing is a digital sales channel that simplifies fare collection that encourages people to pay the ticket causing a consequent income growth. OpenMove is available as:

  • native iOS and Android app
  • webapp optimised for mobile usage, available at
  • frame to be integrated in the agency’s website

Analytics: accounting and optimization

Sales and trip data is available in real-time on the dashboard: tickets sales and validations are displayed as list, graphics or heatmap. Accounting - and, when considered, clearing - management has never been that easy. Live statistics allow for management optimisation and strategic service planning.


Digitalisation of ticketing service yields to cost saving, from ticket printing to hardware maintenance, from administration costs to personnel costs. Our clients don’t even pay for setup costs: OpenMove works as-a-Service, charging just a small fee on tickets sold.

Smart City, smart citizens

OpenMove is a cutting-edge solution for the Smart City, up with the times and aligned with the technological familiarity of digital users. Citizens and tourists are enabled to find the right ticket anywhere and anytime: they save money and time, facing no more currency or language issues and having no distress of reaching the ticket shop or the info point.

Environmental friendly

OpenMove put users close to a variety of public and private means of transport. We care about sustainable mobility: fostering multimodality and public transportation yields to reduced CO2 emissions and digital tickets help to save paper.

Corporate identity

OpenMove cares about the brand identity of the transport agency. We automatically generate informative and advertising material giving the proper space to the agency’s logo and business info.

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