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Operational Details

The ticket

OpenMove allows transport agencies to fully customize their digital tickets. Tickets are the pivotal element inside the app and they reproduce the look and feel of paper tickets, for a beautiful yet easy-to-understand user experience. We identified proper sections both on the front and on the back of the tickets at the disposal of our customers:

  • Name of the ticket
  • Specifications
  • Special notice
  • Price
  • Maximum number of passengers
  • Duration
  • Expiration
  • Company logo
  • Legal info
  • Usage policy details
  • Purchase and validation details
  • Others

Plurality of services

Every transport service is unique and needs to be managed properly: means are different and so are tickets. OpenMove features bus, train, metro, parking and more to come, managing single tickets (timespan or origin/destination fare), group tickets and season tickets.

Integration with turnstiles

When turnstiles are present, OpenMove can communicate with existing hardware devices to allow passengers to access. Contact us for more information.


Ticket validation is optional: transport agencies may want to compel passengers to validate at the bus stop or on board, for example. OpenMove is compatible with different methods of validation; when considered, validation is done easily yet effectively, by the means of:

  • QR Code sticker which needs to be framed by the camera of the smartphone
  • NFC tag (only for compatible Android devices) to be put in contact with the sensor of the smartphone
  • Alphanumeric code which has to be inserted by the user

OpenMove provides the transport agency with a set of stickers or tags, each one with a unique ID, allowing also for real-time tracking of ridership.

Financial Details

Easy cash out

Transport agencies cash out whenever they want and how many times they want, period. Withdrawal of the incomes to the bank account provided at signup is done by pressing a button in the dashboard or setting up a weekly/monthly period. In order to cash out, you need to have a bank account in EU-28 countries, USA or Canada; in case you don’t, please contact us and we will provide with the right solution.

Financial partner

OpenMove is a software supplier and not a payment provider. In order to satisfy the highest reliability and security standards we partner with the best professionals in the field: Mangopay.
MANGOPAY SA, a subsidiary of Leetchi SA, has capital of 2,000,000 euros and registered offices at 59 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg, is listed under Number B173459 on the Luxembourg Trade and Company Register and is approved as an electronic money institution by the Financial Sector Regulator (CSSF), in accordance with the law of 10 November 2009 relating to payment services.

PCI-DSS compliant

OpenMove - by the means of Mangopay - provides with a PCI-DSS compliant solution. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a proprietary information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB. The PCI Standard is mandated by the card brands and administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. The standard was created cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud.

KYC - Know Your Customer

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a set of legal obligations related to electronic money and is necessary in order to fight fraud, money laundering and financing of terrorism, fulfilling European regulatory demands. There are 2 levels of validation (light and full) and the whole process of uploading documents and viewing an agency’s KYC level is managed inside the dashboard. A higher KYC level allows an agency to handle higher volumes of cash flows.

Technical Details

OpenMove is built upon a modular and scalable architecture based on MeteorJS framework and Cordova apps deployed in Docker containers. Rock solid foundations guarantee the highest business continuity standards (99.9% uptime guaranteed) and allow for service independency.


The web service offers an API layer for the integration with existing informative systems. It manages data in JSON format and returns real-time information of purchased tickets of a specific agency. The API query accepts input parameters to filter the tickets. Contact us for technical support.

QR Code and NFC format

QR Code stickers and NFC tags contain:

  • Short name of the agency
  • Unique ID number of the vehicle or the bus stop

Qr Codes contain this info formatted in a proper URL (e.g. in order to redirect to a convenient landing page the users who frame the QR Code with a standard QR Code scanner app.

e-commerce for your website

It is possible to embed OpenMove in an existing website simply and quickly, by adding the following code in a HTML page:

<iframe class="main-frame"
    src="" LANGUAGE="en">


OpenMove uses the best technologies available to provide with bank-level security: SSL certified protocol to ensure for protected communication and cryptographic keys for locking the transmission of the information, for top-of-the-class fraud protection and data protection.

Update releases policy

OpenMove has well-established update procedures, to satisfy the highest standards of professionalism and openness with our clients. We provide with an online changelog that reports email with proper advance.

The app for inspectors is distributed by the means of a centralized update mechanism, that provides with autoupdate funcionality with no hussle for ticket inspectors.

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