OpenMove ACT

APP for operators

The right tool for inspectors

The app for operators is the ideal tool to sell and inspect tickets via smartphone. The personnel of a transport or parking agency can seamlessly work on the field thanks to an Android device paired with a Bluetooth printer.

OpenMove app for operators allows to:
- print tickets thanks to a portable Bluetooth printer
- inspect and validate tickets with the smartphone camera
- receive credit card payments via portable Bluetooth POS

Quick and agile, also offline

Sell and inspect tickets in record time, under every operational condition, also without Internet connection. Operations can not be affected by connectivity.

Security first

OpenMove ticketing engine guarantees the uniqueness and correctness of every single ticket. This ensures the highest level of security and anti-counterfeiting.

Value for money

OpenMove app for operators is available for commercial Android devices: in this way no expensive investments on dedicated hardware are needed.

Intuitive and easy

OpenMove is easy to use, just like the apps we use everyday. The operators won’t need training and update courses.


The app for inspectors is distributed by the means of a centralized update mechanism, that provides with auto-update functionality with no hassle for ticket inspectors.

Customized interface

The aspect of the app is branded with name and logo of the transport agency, to clearly show the official nature of the software both to employees and passengers.

Flawless user experience

Ticket inspectors operate under difficult conditions: that's why the app works without pressing a single button during inspection. You just frame tickets and plates and it prompts immediately all the information needed.

Compatible with off-the-shelf devices

Ticket inspectors might already have handheld devices: the app we developed is compatible with off-the-shelf devices, so transport agencies won't waste money on new dedicated hardware.


In case of dead battery or no Internet connection, inspectors will just need to type in the email of the passenger to view the history of purchased and validated tickets.

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