OpenMove ATLAS

ADMIN dashboard for transport companies

The cloud-based back office of the entire OpenMove ecosystem

The cloud-based admin dashboard for transport agencies allows easily to:
- create and publish tickets to be sold via the apps for users and operators
- manage the personnel provided with the app for operators
- monitor sales in real-time, also thanks to stats, charts and heatmaps
- exchange data with already existing 3rd party information systems
- optimize ticketing service, causing a consequent income growth

Real-time data

All the issued and validated tickets can be tracked in real-time. Precise metrics are always available for every single operation, since every ticket matters.

Tickets in a snap

Route and fare changes? No problem. You can create or edit your tickets in a snap, allowing the users to find always the right ones, thanks to real-time technologies.

Personnel management

Total control of sales and validations. Every operator has his own account that allows to track all the operations performed.

Optimize your service

Everything is under your control. Charts, lists and heatmaps show userful information for business optimization. We want to make your business more efficient.

1/3 Register

In order to access to OpenMove ADMIN platform you need to:

Register an user account

This can be done with the signup page here:

Create your company profile

It can be done inside the ADMIN platform in the Company Data page. Company profile is divided in three levels:

BASIC: allows to have fun with the tickets editor without providing complex information;

LIGHT: allows to publish and sell your first tickets, with a cash-out threshold of 1.000€;

FULL: allows to have full access to ADMIN platform, with no cash-out limit.

2/3 Create and edit

Add a ticket

When you open the Tickets Editor for the first time, no tickets are present. A clear call to action is reported: “Press “Add Ticket” button to create a new ticket”. The wizard tool to create and edit the tickets is composed by a popup with four tabs:

1. Mean

The call to action is very simple: select the mean of transport by clicking on the icon in the “editor” part of the interface (on the right side). On the left side, your choice will be displayed as preview of the homescreen of OpenMove app for users.

2. Location

This interface allows you to select the cities where the ticket will be available. You can type a city name and then press ADD button to add it; it is possibile to add more than one city or place. You can adjust the circle radius for every city selected watching the result directly on the preview map on the left side. When a user opens the OpenMove app inside the GPS area you selected (or manually selecting a city located in that area), a round icon will appear in the search page, enabling the access to your tickets.

3. Ticket

All the data printable on a ticket can be modified, included ticket name, price, duration, expiration, special information. Company name, logo and VAT CODE are taken from the Company Data page (“basic level”, the one to complete to have access to Tickets Editor). The ticket created will be reachable clicking on the round icon with the mean of transport displayed. The ticket in the preview here is exactly the same an user will find and buy inside the app.

4. Validation

This last tab allows you to select the validation method you want. Three options are available: “Manual” (you can validate just by pushing a button), “QR Code” (framing a QR Code with the smartphone camera) or “NFC” (bringing an NFC-compatible smartphone close to a NFC tag). On the left side a preview of the validation popup is shown.

Tickets list

All the tickets are listed in two different ways: the first one includes the preview of the ticket itself, the second one is a more compact list, without images. You can change the view simply pushing the round buttons on the right.

Full text search

A full text search function has been implemented. You can filter among all the elements of the ticket and also the additional information on the right. This functionality is very important for a transport agencies with a relatively high number of tickets.

3/3 Publish and sell

Publishing a ticket

If we select a ticket thanks to the flag box on the left, we can press the play button to go live with the ticket inside OpenMove app. After a few seconds the ticket status changes and the publishing logs (date and time) appear. Now your ticket is available in OpenMove app!

Editing a published ticket

If a published ticket is modified, a yellow “edited” label appears. The ticket is still available in the latest published configuration and the publish button needs to be pressed again, in order to go live with the edited ticket.

Real time sales data

In the Status section of the ADMIN platform, the real time data about sales and validations are displayed as list, graphics or heatmap. Here we can show the ticket just sold. All the data can be downloaded in CSV format and is available also as web service for possible integration with existing informative systems.

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